You’ll find below some of the testimonials we’ve received for the vlookup and pivot table tutorials that we created.

Our vlookup tutorial testimonials:

“This is great. Gave perfect step by step instructions for me.” Suzie

“I have to say, that out of all the tutorials and “help” I’ve been given, this is by far the easiest and simplest explanation I’ve seen. Well done!” R West

“Thank You so very much. I have surfed the internet for 3 days for great tips on vlookups; yours was without doubt the most clear concise and easy to learn guide……fabulous….fabulous…!” Christine

“This was the best and most helpful Vlookup tutorial. I have used MANY tutorials! THANK YOU! You saved an intern’s life!” Ashley A

“Thanks a bunch for sharing this…you really know what you are talking about!” Phyllis

“I like what you guys are up too. Such clever work and exposure! Keep up the amazing work guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll.” Ronald

“Thanks for making Vlookup so easy and simple to understand! KUDOS!!” Joey

“This was the best info I’ve found, simple/ extremely easy to follow. Amazing, thanks!” Patty

“Plain speaking and simple, Brilliant.” Michael L

“Thanks a million! I have been trying to gasp this concept for over a year and most examples are very complicated. You should write a book! I’d buy it.” Danni G

“Brilliant, this explained everything simply (it needed to be), many thanks” Mike

“This was really helpful…I literally picked it up in 10 minutes. When my boss tested me I passed! Very pleased, as I was quite worried about vlookups…this made it simple, so thanks!” Debbie

Our Pivot Tables testimonials:

“You did an amazing job with the tutorial on Pivot Tables and Vlookups. I took both and you made it so easy! I cant thank you enough!” TJ

“Excellent tutorial first VLookUps then Pivot Tables all made very simple. Well done” Madeleine

“Fabulous! Thank you so much for this. Easy to follow and very well written.” Kathleen

“Utterly brilliant!” Lisa

“Great, simple tutorial. Thanks a lot!!!!” Adriana

“Awesome that was easy and clear.Thank You” Vinita

“Excellent” Anu

“This is a very helpful and easy step by step process. Thank you.” Gwen

“Your teaching style is excellent.”  Indranil

“Very easy step by step explanation. Thanks so much.” Renuka

“That was Great. A very smart way to teach. Thank u so much” Jaishree

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