Working with Numbers was set up by two Maths graduates from the University of London. It is about the most frequently asked questions people ask about numbers.

It is split into two sections: Numbers at Home and Numbers at Work.

Many people ‘wing their way’ through a job interview and get the job. But eventually, their manager gives them a task which they thought they could do with ease but it proves to be a bit more difficult than they first thought! How do you look up all this data that he/she is asking for quickly?? The Numbers at Work section is there to help with some of the most common problems people experience at work, like working out percentages, doing vlookups, and creating pivot tables, amongst others!

Working with Numbers is all about making complicated things simple, improving people’s financial literacy and bringing maths to life in everyday situations by giving an insight into how maths is used in the real world.

We simplify things by providing Salary Calculators, Margin Models, Mortgage and Credit Card Calculators, and free tutorials on two very important Excel functions (vlookups and pivot tables) often misunderstood in the workplace.

We also explain why it’s good to own a credit card, how to work out margin in a business and maintain margin when you promote products,

how to work out percentages using two different methods, one of which is often confused with the margin calculation and explain key economic numbers & relationships such as inflation and deflation, gdp (and how it relates to growth or recession), monetary vs fiscal stimulus, bonds and interest rates, and gold vs the dollar.