Excel tips

We cover here two functions that will make you become an instantly more valuable employee!

The vlookup and Pivot Tables!
They’re among the most frequently asked Excel questions at work and we were surprised at how many people mis-understood them!

If you’re applying for an analytical role in any industry, you’re likely to either come across these functions in the job description or get asked about them in the interview, if not both.

To access the free tutorials, simply click here for the vlookup tutorial: http://howtovlookupinexcel.com/

or here for the pivot tables tutorial: http://pivottablesinexcel.com/

Testimonials for both tutorials are on our “Testimonials” page, but there are additional ones below.

How to vlookup in Excel testimonials:

“Excellent instructions, worked in 3 mins thank you very much.” Lucy

“This is the quickest I have come across!!!! You are a big help. If you have something for H Look up please let me know” Ron

“Thanks a lot !!! Saved my day” Abraham

“You made it really easy to understand, it took hardly 5 minutes and the things were clear. Thanks.” Arul

“After going through your guide Vlookup is now a piece of cake…Thanks a million times” SG

“Thanks for the easy explanation. Got an interview tomorrow, and this might get me the job. Thanks.” Kath

“Thank you for making this so easy to learn! Much appreciated!” Traci

Pivot Tables in Excel testimonials:

“This is by far the best and easiest to follow tutorial for pivot tables that I have found. Such a relief to finally “get it”!” AM

“Excellent! This is very helpful.” Don

“Thanks so much! What a terrifically simple explanation for Pivot Tables. You are my FAVORITE!” S Sein

“Thank you for making pivots and VLOOKUPs easy to understand” Ed

“This is the most simplest and the most efficient way to learn Pivot Tables. I also learned VLOOKUP on this forum. Great job guys! You are awesome.” Anoop

“Thank you so much! You are a teacher who genuinely wants every student, irrespective of their prior knowledge, to master this topic. I am so grateful to you” Chitra

“Thank you for simplifying this, I never thought I would master it. You just proved how wrong I was! Just need more and more practice.” Freddy

“”Excellent tutorial. Thanks soooo much for your help. Its much appreciated ” Kathy ”