Numbers You Should Know

  • Your net salary – make sure that you’re not getting underpaid! Our salary calculators clarify how much you should be getting after tax.
  • Your Mortgage repayments – if you are planning to buy a property, our mortgage calculator will give you an estimate of what your monthly mortgage payments are likely to be.
  • Your Credit score and how you can improve it – before you apply for a loan, mortgage, credit card, or any other type of borrowing, it is important to know your credit score and how you can make it better. This will determine whether you get accepted or rejected and what level of interest you’ll pay on the borrowing. If you have a credit card, you should know how long it will take to pay off the debt, given your planned monthly repayments and the level of interest – our credit card calculator can do that. And if you don’t have a credit card – here’s 3 reasons why you should get one, the first being that it can improve your credit score.
  • Your BMI (one of a number of health numbers) – If your bmi is over 25 and you don’t do any exercise, then you should consider joining a gym. If it’s between 20 and 25, then you’re healthy and should keep up any physical activity that you’re doing currently. But how is Bmi calculated? Use our BMI calculator in the Health Numbers section.
  • The Inflation rate – this is linked to many things – the cost of goods, the cost of your monthly travel card, your pay rise (in most companies), and your savings, amongst many other things. If your savings are earning less than the rate of inflation, you need to find savings paying a higher rate.